16th International Conference 
Szczecin, 14th  –15th March 2013

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you in the year 2013 and at the same time informing you about the approaching event – the 16th th International Conference on the Insurance Fraud, which will take place on the 14th and 15th March 2013 in the Radisson BLU hotel in Szczecin. 

Leitmotiv of the conference
This year’s 16th  International Conference is dedicated to the insurance committed during the process of conducting the contract of insurance. We have invited to the cooperation, during the process of creation this precious event, specialists who represent the following fields: actuarial, underwriting, audit, law and sales departments representatives, those who construct OWU, etc. The aim of the conference in Szczecin is to exchange the experience between the employees of the insurance companies on the disclosure and effective prevention of the insurance crime and also an efficient cooperation between the representatives of those institutions which are responsible of the hunt of the perpetrators. The organisation of the conference helps all actions of prophylaxis related to insurance crime and helps the process of working out the methods used to detect the crime. The publicizing of this problem, information exchange and experience exchange allow for the efficient prevention of the insurance crime, including the organised crime. The representatives of the insurance companies, state administration, governmental administration and other institutions that are present on the insurance market gain another opportunity to work out those rules, which are important within the scope of prevention of the insurance crime.

All the publishings that accompany the meetings every year, have become not only the merits-related records but also a fault of knowledge on the unwanted phenomena that take place on the insurance market. And this is why it is very important to keep up to the frequency and to high standards of the meetings and the conference documents. So far we have published fifteen books with the conference materials. 
During the cooperation that started fifteen years ago, together with the practitioners of the subject – representatives of the insurance companies; as well as the representatives of the Polish Insurance Chamber, Ministry of Justice, Finance Ministry, Polish Financial Supervision Authority, Insurance Ombudsman an the Directors of Public Prosecutions Offices of: State, Regional and Appellate, Districts and Cities Police Stations and Fire Brigades, Insurance Guarantee Found, Polish Communications Insurance Bureau, Association of the Polish Insurance Brokers and Reinsurance, Polish Chamber of the Insurance and Financial Agents - we have become specialized in the organisation of the conference on crimes that appear in the insurance business. We believe that thank to your support and commitment, this long lasting tradition will remain, and that it will create the opportunity to further and multiple development and give the ground for the integration of the people who deal with the researches on insurance crime, the prevention and the chase of that crime.
I cordially invite you to participate in that important for the insurance environment event. Should you have any questions or doubts please do not hesitate and contact us on: +48 91 8314922, mobile: +40 607 925 999, or per email: agata.lewandowska@szczecin-expo.org.
Please note, that signing up for the conference does not mean that you have booked your hotel room. You should make the hotel reservation on your own, by filling in the hotel reservation form (you can download its PDF version from our website , which is in the left side corner). Costs of the accreditation do not cover the costs of the hotel. However, the hotel guarantees to the participants of the conference discounts, it is only until the 3rd of March 2013. All details are enclosed under “Hotel – accommodation offer”.

Yours sincerely

Agata Lewandowska
Director of the Administrative Office